Everything You Need to Know About Our Tear Trough Training Course

Tear trough filler is quickly climbing the ranks to be one of the more sought-after aesthetics treatments available. Because of this, if you’ve been considering becoming qualified in this highly popular procedure, there has never been a better time to do so. Here we take a look at everything you need to know about the Acquisition Aesthetics Masterclass in tear trough rejuvenation…

tear trough masterclass

What is tear trough filler?

Your tear trough is the groove beneath your lower eyelid and just above your upper cheek. Some people are born with a more noticeable tear trough while others find it becomes more defined with age due to a loss in collagen and elasticity in the skin. This can cast a shadow below your eyes that creates a tired or older look. To combat this, people are turning to dermal fillers to rejuvenate the region.

Tear trough filler is generally hyaluronic acid based and is designed to add or restore volume. This removes the hollow, shadowed appearance and makes the skin appear plumper, tighter and smoother to create a fresher and more youthful appearance. 

While tear trough filler concentrates on a very small area of the face, it’s also one of the most complex and dangerous aesthetic procedures to perform. This is why it’s so important to go through the correct training in order to administer it properly. This is what you will learn on our course.

Do I need to have any prior training to take the Tear Trough filler course?

You must have attended at least a foundation level training course in aesthetics prior to attending one of our masterclasses.

What’s involved in the tear trough training course?

Our one-day CPD-certified masterclass is suitable for dentists, doctors, and nurses as well as all Level 7 diploma delegates. The course is led by a faculty of surgical trainers who are experts in the field. It focuses on the treatment of the tear trough region and is designed to empower and enable delegates to feel confident performing tear trough correction. It will be taught using dermal fillers via a combination of safe needle and cannula techniques. 

Throughout the course, you will learn the correct theoretical knowledge to diagnose and identify suitable candidates for tear trough correction as well as how to avoid the pitfalls of poor aesthetic outcomes. Once you have learnt this, you’ll have a small practical group training on live cosmetic models where you will learn to master the Acquisition Aesthetics’ Signature Technique for Tear Trough Correction. This will be done under the supervision of our expert trainers to ensure you feel total confidence to deliver the treatment yourself.

What are the learning objectives for the course?

Over the day there will be a set of learning objectives that you will achieve. The course is delivered to small groups in order to optimise your learning experience. By the end of the session you will have covered:

  • Detailed anatomy of the peri-orbital region: fat pads, ligaments, nerves and vasculature
  • Assessment of the tear trough area and appropriate patient selection
  • Patient consent
  • Basic science of dermal fillers, the current market and the finest treatment products
  • How to form a bespoke patient treatment plan
  • The Acquisition Aesthetics’ Signature Tear Trough Correction Technique: A step by step approach
  • Practical applications and techniques (including use of needle and microcannula)
  • Complications avoidance and management, including but not limited to bruising,
    ischemia, necrosis, skin infections, lumpiness, oedema, the Tyndall effect and the use of Hyalase

Once the course has finished, you will receive immediate CPD certification – and that’s not all. You will also receive ongoing learning with continued mentoring support through Acquisition Aesthetics as well as exclusive access to our graduate forums for case discussion and information. You will also receive life-long access to online practical training videos demonstrating techniques learned on the course and regular updates on new guidance, protocols and aesthetic regulations.

What’s the typical day structure of the course?

8:45am Registration

9am Welcome & Introduction

9:25am – Tear trough anatomy and consent

10:15am Patient assessment and client selection

10:45am Tea and coffee break

11am Treatment Techniques and Signature Tear Trough Protocol

11:45am Practical Demonstration: Patient Focused

12:35pm Management of Complications

13:15pm Lunch

13:45pm Practical Training: Session 1 Patient Focused

14:35pm Practical Training: Session 2 Patient Focused

15:25pm Tea & Coffee Break

15:40pm Practical Training: Session 3 Patient Focused

16:30pm Closing Remarks, Feedback and Questions

How do I apply for a position on this course or find out more information?

We are running two tear trough training sessions for the remainder of 2022 so get in touch today as limited spaces are available!  You can find out more about the course and how to apply on our website here. If you wish to speak to someone, please use the contact details that can be found on our site to call or email someone from the team. We will be able to advise you on any questions or queries you might have as well as help with any other courses you might wish to enrol in. We look forward to seeing you on our tear trough masterclass soon!

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