Top 5 Beauty Essentials for Spring

Spring is finally on its way and as the weather gets warmer it’s important to stock your beauty bag up with the essentials you’ll need. As the days get longer and more time is spent in the sun, you can get rid of your heavy makeup and moisturisers and get ready to exfoliate away that dull winter skin. 

It’s also a good idea to have a spring clean of your beauty products. Any items on your shelf that are over six months old are likely past their best and can host a buildup of bacteria that will do no favours for your skin. Give your makeup brushes a clean and head into the new season with a fresh slate that your complexion will thank you for. If you’re wondering how to switch up your skincare routine and which products to invest in, we have put together five top beauty essentials for spring…

A tinted moisturiser with SPF

Spring calls for a more minimal make-up routine than winter and on those sunny days the last thing you want is to be sweating off layers of heavy foundation. Instead, invest in a tinted moisturiser that’s designed to add a healthy-looking finish and dash of colour to your complexion while also feeling like you aren’t wearing anything. Be sure to choose one with SPF (40 minimum) to keep your skin safe from the sun and either use it alone or as a base for your makeup. When choosing a moisturiser decide on the final look you want – whether you want something matte or dewy and the skin type you have.

A hydration mask

Let’s face it, winter isn’t kind to our skin. As we make our ascent out of hibernation, the change in climate from the bitterly cold winter to sunnier climes has our skin feeling dull and dry. Combat this with a face mask, designed to leave your skin energised, nourished and hydrated. It’s best to use a hydration mask once or twice a week. Any more and your skin can appear oily, any less and you won’t feel the effects quite as much. 

An exfoliation cleanser

As Spring is the season of renewal, it’s great to give your skin the chance to bloom too. Transitioning your face from heavy-duty products to those offering lighter coverage means you want the best base possible to work with. In order to do this, be sure to invest in a good exfoliating cleanser that can get rid of the dead skin cells, dirt and debris that might be on your skin. Once these dead skin cells are removed they will be replaced with new cells that will leave you with a complexion that is softer, brighter and smoother.

An antioxidant serum

Sun exposure can result in unsightly hyperpigmentation which can cause the skin to look discoloured and patchy. To avoid this and protect your face from both the sun and the environment around you, it’s a good idea to invest in an antioxidant serum. This is often a lightweight serum such as Vitamin C that is applied to a freshly cleansed and dried face first thing in the morning. Vitamin C is a vital constituent to skincare routines as it protects against free radicals, accelerates the production of collagen and elastin and prevents premature ageing of the skin. Once applied, this can be followed by a light moisturiser and then your makeup routine as normal.

A lightweight lip balm

While the skin is important, you also don’t want to forget about your lips. Thanks to the fluctuating temperatures of spring, our lips can often be left chapped and dry which is why a good lip balm should be a necessity in your daily cosmetics routine. The skin on your lips is delicate so you want something that will be kind to them, not too heavy and that will keep them hydrated.

These are five beauty essentials that you need to add for spring. Be sure to take into account the changing of the season and how the weather can change the way your skin reacts and behaves. At Acquisition Aesthetics, we offer clinic quality aesthetic procedures and beauty treatments to our model patients at a fraction of the price. If you’re interested in finding out more about our portfolio of procedures and aesthetics treatments, as well as available dates and locations, give us a call on 0203 514 8757 or email

by Natasha Colyer

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