We’re cruising through December and straight into the festive season, and one thing’s for sure: it’s getting cold out there!

With the rising cost of living and inflation at its peak, you’ve likely seen a lot of advice on ways to keep your heating bills down and stay warm through the cold snap. Of course, layering up and staying cosy is pivotal to keeping you healthy during cold and flu season. However, a topic that’s less discussed is the need to take care of your body’s largest organ: your skin!

If you notice a change in how your face and body feel during the colder weather but aren’t sure what changes to make, follow our guide to winter skincare to make some simple but positive tweaks to your daily routine.

What effect does cold weather have on your skin?

Whilst summer heat promotes excess oil that can bring on skin issues such as pimples and acne, frosty weather can trigger a new range of concerns. A change in humidity and drop in temperature may cause your skin to feel dry and irritated and can also flare up pre-existing conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. The dryness your feel is due to essential moisture being drawn out of your skin, leaving it dehydrated and prone to cracks and patchiness. Even indoors, hot central heating is also a culprit for drying out the air and reducing the humidity in the room. This combination of cold weather-related factors is the perfect storm for increased sensitivity and tight-feeling skin, which may seem difficult to avoid.

For these reasons, it’s essential to switch up your routine at the end of the summer to best prepare your skin for the season ahead. Familiarising yourself with winter skincare best practices and using the right products can help make cold snaps more tolerable and prevent unwanted flare-ups.

Winter skincare tips

By making a conscious effort to make some post-autumn changes to your daily ritual, you can combat your skin’s winter woes and keep your face and body glowing right through till spring. Here are our top winter skincare guidelines:

  1. Hydrate from the inside out to help prevent water loss and prevent your skin from becoming stripped of essential moisture. You can keep your hydration levels high by upping your daily water intake and loading up on healthy fruit and vegetables. 
  2. Moisturiser is your best friend. A great moisturiser is vital in providing year-round skin barrier support, but your face and body will thank you for increasing your applications throughout the colder months. Use a thick, oil-based moisturiser to replenish moisture and support your skin’s natural barrier.
  3. Sun damage is still possible in winter. In fact, snow and ice in sub-zero temperatures can bounce harmful UVB rays off the sun and cause them to hit your skin twice, doubling their damaging effects.
  4. Balance out the drying effects of central heating. Boiling more water while cooking, keeping your bathroom door open while showering and investing in a dehumidifier can all help to add moisture to your home.
  5. Put your exfoliating summer cleanser on the back burner and switch to a gentle, hydrating alternative. As the first step of your winter skincare routine, it’s important to use a cleanser that retains moisture rather than stripping it away.
  6. Take extra care to show love to the most sensitive parts of your body. The hands, knees and elbows are particularly prone to dry patches, so apply an extra layer of moisturiser to these areas to keep them well-nourished.
  7. Keep indoor temperatures at a level that is comfortable and natural for your skin. By avoiding very long, hot showers and cranking the heating down a notch, you can avoid prolonged exposure to intense heat and humidity.

It’s not all bad news…

While it’s crucial to switch up your routine and create a winter skincare routine that suits your needs, the plummeting temperatures offer a few positives for your skin. Many people even find their skin to be at its best during the colder months, primarily for the following reasons:

  • The lack of heat means you will be much less prone to attracting excess oil and sebum, two major catalysts for acne.
  • You don’t have to exfoliate nearly as often, which may simplify your routine and make it easier to keep your skin feeling healthy.
  • Chilly weather can shrink or even clear your pores, improving the texture of your skin.

Refresh your winter skin with Acquisition Aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments are a highly effective way to revitalise your complexion and achieve fresher and younger-looking skin. At Acquisition Aesthetics, we offer our model patients a wide range of non-surgical procedures. Administered by advanced medical professionals and closely supervised by our award-winning faculty, we provide aesthetic treatments at a significantly lower cost than in-clinic procedures while maintaining exceptional safety and quality standards. 

If you’re considering treatment and would like to find out more about available dates and locations, give our friendly team a call at 0203 514 8757 or email us at models@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk.

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