5 Top Aesthetic Treatments for Men in 2022

Aesthetic treatments for men have never been more popular, with the non-surgical cosmetics industry thriving and clinics across the county consistently expanding their treatment offerings.

As beauty trends continue to shift and further innovative developments are made within the field of aesthetics, there are more male-targeted options than ever, and an increasing number of individuals are undergoing male cosmetic surgery or non-surgical injections.

Here is our forecast for the top aesthetics treatments for men to look out for in 2022.


Commonly dubbed as “Brotox”, botulinum toxin injections are hugely popular for men who want to rewind the years and eliminate tell-tale signs of ageing. After the age of 25, creases begin to appear in the face and neck, and no matter how much you practice good skin care, these will inevitably increase and deepen over time. Luckily, an aesthetics treatment for men such as Botox® can work wonders for creating a more youthful appearance and helping you regain control over your appearance.

Generally administered in the uppermost third of the face, Botox® for men effectively reduces facial lines and wrinkles and smooths out the targeted area. The injections block specific chemical signals from the nerves that would typically cause the muscles to contract. This temporary relaxation of the muscles in the parts of the face that are most prone to wrinkling, such as the forehead and around the eyes, creates the appearance of smoother, tighter and younger-looking skin.

While Botox® in past decades carried the reputation of giving a “frozen” look, aesthetics medicine developments are now so advanced that when administered by a qualified professional, injections offer a beautifully subtle change that is flattering. This is particularly appealing to the male population who are looking for natural results that complement their existing features.

Jawline Contouring

Dermal fillers are another powerful tool for augmenting facial features and temporarily slowing down signs of ageing by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of paralysing the facial muscles as Botox® does, soft tissue filler is injected into the skin to fill in fine lines, add volume and enhance facial features.

One of the most popular aesthetics treatments for men is undoubtedly injections in the jawline area. Jawline fillers can create a stronger and more chiselled appearance, perfect for those who lack definition and are seeking a more masculine look. A more defined jawline can be attained quickly and easily with non-surgical fillers providing increased structure and shape that many men admire.

The key to achieving successful results for jawline fillers for men is a practitioner who understands the anatomy of the male face and can strategically place injections to enhance existing features rather than create an obvious and overdone look. Adding injections into the middle of the face and outer edges of the face before treating the jawline itself is a great way to create an all-over strengthened and more symmetrical appearance. It also avoids an exaggerated looking jawline that men want to avoid.

Either way, it pays to consult a highly skilled and qualified aesthetician who specialises in treating men and fully comprehends the complexities of the male facial structure. By undergoing an in-depth consultation before committing to treatment, you’ll be able to gauge whether your desired results are achievable using non-surgical injectable fillers.

Skin Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is a loose term that refers to a series of non-invasive cosmetic treatments that aim to enhance the appearance of the face, combat signs of ageing and restore the skin from any damage caused by UV exposure or underlying health issues. Skin rejuvenation is perfect for those with a few niggling problems with specific facial features and who wish to have an overall subtle enhancement without committing to permanent cosmetic surgery.

Skin rejuvenation can consist of any number of treatments, including a combination of dermal fillers, Botox® and laser resurfacing, to name a few. Your aesthetic practitioner will work with you to create a highly personalised and tailored treatment plan to ensure that procedures work in synchronicity to achieve a complete aesthetic enhancement. The main benefit of opting to receive a multi-procedure treatment such as skin rejuvenation from one clinic is the attention to detail that your health professional will take to give you natural-looking results that improve the symmetry of your face. An increasing number of men seek assistance from an aesthetic clinic that offers facial rejuvenation and can help them achieve subtle yet flattering results. Furthermore, many individuals opt to undergo a series of aesthetic procedures after receiving treatment from the same aesthetician multiple times and developing a high level of trust before committing to a complete series of procedures such as skin rejuvenation.

Laser Hair Removal

It’s no secret that laser hair removal has long been a hugely popular treatment for females, with the promise of hair-free legs or underarms music to the ears of those who have spent decades having to shave every couple of days to keep up with their grooming maintenance routine (and often hating every minute of it!). With constant technological developments improving the efficacy and accuracy of hair removal treatments, more and more men are choosing to level up their grooming routine and save precious time that was previously spent having to shave on a regular basis.

Chemical Peel

Facial peels are becoming an increasingly popular procedure for men thanks to their ability to infiltrate thick skin and coarse facial hair. A chemical peel works to eliminate dead skin and create a more youthful complexion by smoothing and tightening the facial area. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, and new skin cell production unveils smoother and softer skin. Depending on the level of treatment chosen, chemical peels can also effectively treat conditions such as acne, sun damage and genetic scars.

Model patients at Acquisition Aesthetics

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