What To Expect Before, During and After Your First Aesthetics Treatment

If you’re considering an aesthetics treatment for the first time and feeling apprehensive about the process, it’s completely natural. While facial aesthetics may be non-invasive, it still consists of a medical procedure involving injections which will alter your appearance for several months. 

As experts in the field of medical aesthetics, we’re here to put your mind at ease and walk you through every step of the procedure. From knowing how to select the right clinic and practitioner for your needs to the duration of your aesthetics treatment appointment and aftercare guidance, read on to learn everything you need to know to help you relax, enjoy the process and achieve your desired results.

Before treatment

An aesthetics treatment is a profoundly personal procedure that many people spend months, or even years, considering before committing to. For this reason, it is vital to approach choosing a clinician with the mindset of quality above all else. Since the UK aesthetics industry is still somewhat under-regulated, you are likely to come across heavily discounted treatments from poorly qualified practitioners who don’t have the medical qualifications required to safely and successfully administer injectable procedures. Such individuals and clinics should be avoided at all costs; otherwise, you risk putting your health at risk and suffering from an infection due to poor hygiene or badly administered injections. 

Research is key to selecting a high-quality clinic and aesthetics practitioner, and it is always advisable to reach out to a few prospective providers. Some elements to consider when making your decision include:

  • How clean is the facility? A spotless clinic and clean, presentable and uniformed practitioner indicates that they are much more likely to practice good hygiene and comply with regulations to keep you safe from infection and minimise the risk of complications during your aesthetics treatment.
  • What are their qualifications? Your prospective aesthetician should hold accredited training from a training provider regulated by Industry Qualifications.
  • Do they have a portfolio? Evidence of before and after work on previous patients is an excellent indicator of whether or not an aesthetics professional can provide the type of results you’re looking for.

Once you’ve committed to a specific practitioner, you can expect to undergo a full medical and aesthetics consultation, a pivotal element that will help your injector identify a treatment plan suited to your needs and set expectations for the results you are likely to see post-procedure. The consultation is also an opportunity for you to ask questions or express any concerns about your upcoming appointment. 

During treatment

While it’s natural to be anxious on the morning of your first aesthetics treatment, it may ease your nerves to know that the appointment itself is very short — usually no more than an hour in total, with the procedure taking just 10-15 minutes! Eating a light meal and drinking lots of water before you attend your appointment will ensure that you are hydrated and prepared for the day ahead. When you arrive at the clinic, you can expect to be met by your injector, who will once again give you an overview of the treatment you’ve committed to. 

You will be asked to sign a consent form, and depending on the procedure and clinic, you may also be offered a numbing cream to minimise discomfort during your appointment. During the treatment, you may feel a slight stinging at the injection site, but the vast majority of patients find that Botox® and dermal filler procedures are virtually painless.

After treatment

Directly after your aesthetics treatment, you will likely experience some light bruising and swelling at or around the injection site. As your clinician will explain, this is entirely normal and will die down gradually over the coming days. Results will vary depending on the type of injection administered, but with most dermal filler treatments, you’ll notice a difference immediately. As the filler settles and the swelling subsides over the next fortnight, it will eventually sit naturally in your skin, and you will be able to enjoy the final results of your procedure. Since Botox® is a different product with the contrasting goal of paralyzing muscles rather than adding volume to the area, results will be more gradual. It can take 3-4 days or longer before you begin to notice the first signs of change in the injected site.

Before you leave your appointment, your aesthetician will explain the aftercare process to you and offer advice on ways to minimise side effects or post-procedure complications. Of course, in the unlikely event that you do experience extreme discomfort, pain or infection after leaving the clinic, you should be given appropriate steps to follow depending on the severity of your reaction. Additionally, you will receive guidance on activities to avoid for the next couple of weeks, such as visiting a sauna or steam room and direct exposure to the sun. It is essential to follow aftercare advice closely and practice caution to ensure that you are able to help maximise your aesthetics treatment results.

Become a Model Patient at Acquisition Aesthetics 

Acquisition Aesthetics is a gold standard training provider in the delivery of injectable aesthetics treatments, including Botox and dermal fillers. Model patients are a fundamental part of our training, and those who attend our training days can expect to receive an exceptional standard of treatment and care for a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay in a clinic. All aesthetics treatments are administered by highly qualified medical professionals and are closely overseen by our experienced faculty of experts in facial rejuvenation. To find out more about the treatments we offer or book a procedure, simply email us at models@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk or call us on 0203 514 8757.

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