When Should I Get Botox® or Fillers – A Guide to Seasonal Impacts on Treatments

Considering Botox® or filler treatments? This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it’s essential to consider several factors before undergoing cosmetic treatment. Selecting a qualified medical professional and a highly-regarded clinic is extremely important, and it’s vital to do your research and attend a consultation before committing to treatment.

Another element to consider is the time of year, as different seasons can have varying effects on the results and side-effects of your Botox® or filler treatment. In this post, we’ve put together some top pointers for aesthetic treatments during the summer and winter months, as well as tips for Dermal Filler and Botox® aftercare.

Summer Treatments

With exciting holidays and weekend trips planned, summer may seem like the perfect time to undergo Botox® and filler treatments. However, it’s worth noting that you should avoid high temperatures in the immediate aftermath of your injections. 

While the UK summer temperatures are by no means extreme, we do experience the odd heatwave, and this intense warmth can intensify the bruising and swelling side effects that you may encounter in the days following treatment. Even on cloudy days, excess sun exposure can be detrimental to skin treated with facial fillers. Avoiding high temperatures and direct exposure to sunlight is the best way to prevent these effects.

It’s also worth planning your appointment when you don’t have any holidays abroad to warmer climates booked directly after. Side effects can last for varying lengths of time for different people, so make sure to leave plenty of time for your fillers to heal before heading off on holiday properly. This is especially true if you’re flying abroad. Although you should seek advice from your doctor, it’s generally recommended to wait a week before flying. The pressure within an aircraft can intensify swelling and cause unnecessary bruising that may be painful.

Generally, you shouldn’t be put off having aesthetic treatments in the summer as long as you take extra care in the days following your treatment. Be sure to closely follow the filler or Botox® aftercare instructions set out by your practitioner.

Winter Treatments 

If you’re worried that the results of your Botox® or dermal fillers will be negatively affected by the cold winter weather, you’ll be pleased to know that this is not the case. Once the filler has been injected, your body becomes an effective insulator for the product and keeps it stable until it is naturally broken down over time.

If you like to keep warm in a sauna or steam room during the colder months, you should avoid this for the first few days after treatment due to the tendency of high temperatures to irritate and exaggerate swelling.

In general, winter is a great time to consider aesthetic beauty treatments — short, cold days minimise the risk of overexposure to direct sunlight or heat. This makes it easier for you to undergo effective filler and Botox® aftercare, as you’re less likely to have to stay indoors to avoid hot weather.

Tips for filler and Botox® aftercare

No matter which season you decide to receive your procedure, the best thing you can do to ensure the best results possible is to book with a skilled medical professional in a safe, hygienic environment. An excellent clinician will spend an extensive amount of time listening to your concerns and expectations and work with you to create a treatment plan that best suits your requirements. 

While your practitioner will provide you with a comprehensive post-procedure aftercare plan, here are some general tips for making the most of your treatment and ensuring that results last as long as possible:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise and sunbeds – As mentioned above, heat plays a significant part in increasing the risk of swelling, bruising and infection. Try to lay low for the first few days after your treatment and skip the workout classes and tanning treatments.
  • Don’t drink alcohol – Like Ibuprofen, alcohol is a blood thinner that causes the blood vessels to dilate. This can create or aggravate existing injectable side effects.
  • Minimise stress – The extra hormones produced when stress occurs may contribute to a premature breakdown of filler treatments. Of course, It can be challenging to limit stress factors when you’re keen to get on with your daily routines after treatment, and this may involve heading back to work. If you have a particularly stressful job, it may be an idea to plan a couple of days off in the immediate aftermath of your procedure.
  • Leave the treated area alone – The results you obtain directly after treatment may feel slightly unnatural due to bruising or swelling. It can be tempting to touch or rub the injected area, but try to avoid this — it may aggravate or intensify side effects. It’s also advisable to sleep on your back for a few nights after your appointment to prevent physical pressure from being applied to the affected area.

Interested in becoming a model patient?

At Acquisition Aesthetics, we work with doctors, dentists and nurses, providing training courses in Botox® and fillers. We’re delighted to offer our model patients the opportunity to benefit from our internationally renowned lip filler treatment at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay in a clinic.

Overseen by our faculty of expert practitioners, all of our delegates are fully qualified medical professionals with extensive training in head and neck anatomy. A member of our faculty will closely supervise each step of your treatment.

If you’re interested in becoming a model at our gold-standard training academy, you can find more information here. You can also call 0203 514 8757 or email models@acquisitionaesthetics.co.uk to speak to a member of our team.

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