5 Signs it’s Time to Get your Lip Filler Dissolved

The aesthetics industry has long been in need of tighter regulations that promote the safe practice of non-surgical injectables. Because of this, many patients have suffered the consequences of botched treatments from underqualified practitioners. Since lip enhancement is one of the most popular procedures available and voluminous lips are a highly sought-after trend, it’s no wonder that there have been so many cases of overdone fillers. While poorly administered injections are a common complaint, there are several other reasons why reversing your treatment before your body naturally dissolves the hyaluronic acid may sometimes be a good idea.

Whether you undergo lip injections regularly or are interested in the treatment, it is perfectly normal to be concerned or hesitant about possible complications. We’re outlining the key warning signs to look out for and the importance of embracing a healthy relationship with cosmetic procedures.

1. Inadequate results

Whether you are unhappy with the way the lip filler has been administered or disappointed with the outcome, it is vital to discuss expected results with your injector at the aesthetic consultation stage. If you feel the results are not as impressive or effective as expected, you should voice your concerns to your aesthetician, who may offer a follow-up appointment to rectify any issues. As mentioned above, many individuals throughout the UK have had unsatisfactory treatments from untrained practitioners. Therefore, if you are concerned that your practitioner is not suitably qualified, seeking a follow-up treatment for a registered healthcare professional is the safer option and also likely to save you money in the long run. Thankfully, the new Health and Care Act 2022 gives the Government powers to introduce a licensing scheme for practitioners who operate in England, with plans to roll out strict regulations later this year.

2. Poor distribution

Bad technique is a common cause of botched lip filler jobs and may result from a poorly trained injector or the filler itself. Your injector may have used too much filler or may not have distributed the product evenly enough, leading to an unnatural or asymmetrical appearance. Overfilled lips can also cause lumps or bumps at the injection site, which may be uncomfortable and unsightly.

3. Changing aesthetic preferences

Social media, celebrity trends and peer influences can all impact your decision to undergo an aesthetic treatment. While your lip filler may have been professionally administered with natural-looking and effective results, you may decide that you no longer desire the look provided and would prefer to return to your natural look or try something new.

4. Pain or discomfort

Mild side effects such as light swelling or bruising at the injection site are common and should naturally subside within a few days. However, non-surgical aesthetic procedures are minimally invasive and should not cause severe pain or discomfort. Unwanted side effects such as infection, bleeding, or significant bruising should be treated by a medical professional and, in some cases, may warrant the need for your lip filler to be dissolved to avoid further complications.

5. Medical reasons

Changes in your medical circumstances, such as a new health issue, condition or treatment, can make it unsafe to retain your lip filler, and your doctor may advise you to dissolve them.

Embracing a healthy relationship with aesthetics

By conducting sufficient research and making an informed decision before undergoing lip filler injections, you can enjoy a positive relationship with cosmetic procedures and minimise the risk of complications, side effects or displeasure at the result of your treatment. By choosing a highly qualified aesthetic practitioner, you can also ensure that you are making safe, informed, and sustainable choices under the guidance of a healthcare professional that will ultimately improve your overall well-being and quality of life. Some of the more specific benefits you can expect to enjoy from selecting a reputable aesthetic clinic include:

Safety – An experienced practitioner understands the importance of making conscious decisions regarding image-altering and minimally invasive procedures, so they will take the time to walk you through risks, side effects and necessary aftercare guidance to follow at the consultation stage.

Understanding expectations – A healthy relationship with aesthetics means having realistic expectations about the procedure’s outcomes and understanding that no treatment can completely change or fix all of your physical or emotional issues. Your aesthetician should clearly communicate the results that the procedure can and cannot achieve.

Healthy balance – Finding a middle ground between enhancing your appearance and avoiding complete dependence on cosmetic procedures is pivotal to feeling confident and comfortable in your skin. By being mindful of every element of aesthetics, from your practitioner’s qualifications to the expected outcome of your treatment, you can avoid overdoing it. This will also help you not lose sight of the fact that beauty comes from within and that outer appearance is just one aspect that contributes to how you feel about yourself.

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