As the popularity of non-invasive cosmetic treatments continues to rise, more people than ever are enlisting the expertise of aesthetic professionals to enhance their appearance. While standalone procedures such as lip fillers and chin augmentation may once have been the norm, profiloplasty, also known as Profile Balancing, is fast becoming the go-to ‘tweakment’ to improve facial structure and create the ideal geometric profile.

Having a symmetrical and well-balanced profile is often considered a foundation for an attractive appearance, and many find that even minor imbalances can throw off how they feel about their looks. In particular, differences in the chin, nose and lips can impact the side and front facial profiles. But what is Profile Balancing precisely, and what can you expect from the treatment? Here, we explore more about the procedure and its benefits.

What is Profile Balancing?

Profile balancing consists of multiple treatments focused on the nose, chin and lips collectively, analysing the ratios between the three and taking into account aspects such as their width, length and how far apart they are from each other. Rather than focusing on specific facial features, it optimises your lateral profile to fit geometric facial aesthetic ideals. Many don’t realise how much of an impact one can have on the other and the overall appearance of the face. 

What does a Profile Balancing procedure involve?

Facial profiling involves adding filler to specific areas of the face and manipulating the dimensions to achieve better. This can be achieved through single or combination treatments depending on the results you wish to achieve, which you can discuss with your aesthetician in your initial consultation. Your injector will analyse your facial proportions and offer a tailored treatment package to achieve a balanced profile most effectively.

The treatment itself is minimally invasive, with your aesthetician injecting dermal filler into the specified areas of the face. The amount and type used will depend on where you receive the injections.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation is one of the most popular treatments when it comes to facial profiling and is part of the face that many underestimate what a difference it can make. The chin can often be smaller or less protruding than the nose, which may cause your face to look unbalanced, and can become more pronounced with age as your face loses its elasticity and your jawline begins to sag. To rectify these concerns, your clinician will inject dermal filler into the lower face, adding volume to the chin and causing it to protrude further outwards. This helps to balance the ratio and create a more harmonised overall appearance.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The nose is another prominent facial feature that significantly impacts both your side and frontal profile. Some people’s noses change with age, whilst others are born with an unbalanced nose that may appear out of sync with the rest of the face. Dermal filler is the perfect non-invasive alternative to a surgical nose job, and a noticeable change can quickly be achieved. When treated in harmony with the chin and lips, non-surgical rhinoplasty can effectively balance and improve the look of the face.

Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is a straightforward procedure and one of the most effective ways to enhance your appearance subtly. The amount of filler administered will depend on the above factors, ensuring the distance and size fits into the rest of your face for the ideal facial profile.

When deciding on the results you’d like to achieve from lip filler, we recommend adhering to what aestheticians have coined “the golden ratio”, which is 1.618 and refers to the ideal ratio of the bottom to the top lip. During your aesthetic consultation, you can also expect your clinician to assess the width of your lips from your nose and the extent to which your top and bottom lip protrude outwards. 

Face shape 

The precise combination of the face and features together makes profile balancing such a unique yet effective procedure. Your treatment is tailored to your individual face shape and aesthetic goals, taking into account your dimensions, nose, lips and chin. As well as the facial feature, profile balancing will also look at the face as a whole. Fillers can be injected to add structure to the jawline to make it more defined and on the cheeks to add volume around the cheekbones. 

How long is the downtime?

Thanks to its non-invasive nature, profile balancing requires little to no downtime. The pain is minimal, and depending on the treatment, the effects can be seen immediately or within a couple of days and continue to improve in the weeks that follow. You can expect the results of profile balancing to last for roughly 6-12 months.

Profile Balancing at Acquisition Aesthetics

If you’re considering our Profile Harmonisation Package or any other Botox® or dermal filler procedures, you’ll find more information about pricing and dates on our website, with all treatments available to book online for your convenience. For further guidance or queries about booking an aesthetics treatment through Acquisition Aesthetics, please reach out to our support team, who will be happy to hear from you. Call us on 0203 514 8757 or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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