Tear Trough Fillers: the Answer to Your Late-Night Escapades!

Let’s talk about everyone’s new favourite aesthetics treatment: Tear trough fillers! Whether it’s genetics or late-nighters, the so-called zoom-era of virtual meetings and conferences have made many women self-conscious about their under-eye area — with many desperately seeking ‘miracle creams’ to hide dark circles.

Tear trough treatments may not be a miracle fix, but they can make an enormous difference in reducing the appearance of tired bags under the eyes. Whether you’re guilty of one too many late nights, feeling aware of your tired-looking eyes during virtual meetings, or have inherited the trait — tear trough fillers may be the perfect option for you.

So, what exactly is a tear trough — and how does this undereye filler treatment work to rejuvenate the eye area? In this post, we’ll delve into this popular treatment and its benefits, as well as how you can book your treatment with a trained medical professional.

Tear trough filler

The tear trough is the lower crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek. Several variables can cause this area to appear hollow, such as age, a lack of sleep, and even genetics. Often attempts to cover this area with makeup don’t provide desired results, which can be hugely frustrating. It is also a feature that becomes steadily more pronounced with age.

The purpose of a tear trough filler treatment is to reduce the depth of the crease, and filler is injected below the lower eyelid, adding volume in this area. When this procedure is administered by a trained professional, it is highly effective in making the skin appear tighter and fuller.

Am I a good candidate for tear trough treatments?

For patients of all ages, filler can be a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Whether you are a good candidate will depend on a number of factors, and the best way to determine your suitability is to have an in-depth consultation with your aesthetician. During this evaluation, there will be an assessment of skin thickness, elasticity, hollowness, and bags present. Generally, good candidates for tear trough filler are those who:

  • Have moderate sagging under the eyes
  • Have thick, healthy skin
  • Are physically healthy

However, those who may not be a good candidate include people who:

  • Have very thin skin
  • Have excessively deep tear troughs
  • Have a medical condition that could increase the risk of complications

The best way to establish your eligibility is to book a thorough consultation with a professional who will be able to assess the condition of your skin and determine a treatment plan that is right for you.

Results and aftercare

The results of this dark circles treatment can be seen immediately following treatment, and due to the non-surgical nature of the procedure, patients can enjoy minimal downtime post-treatment. While results vary depending on the individual, tear trough fillers are generally expected to last for 6-12 months, with top-up treatments recommended to maintain the desired effect.

Since tear trough filler is administered on such a prominent area of the face, many patients have concerns that they will experience unsightly bruising and swelling in the days following treatment. Although you may experience these side effects in a minor way, as well as slight redness and tenderness, it’s important to remember that this is entirely normal, and these side effects will subside within a few days. Your aesthetician will provide you with a comprehensive aftercare guide to follow, which should be explicitly tailored to any existing medical conditions you have. However, the general advice offered by aesthetic practitioners and doctors for tear trough filler aftercare includes avoiding:

  • Intense heat – High temperatures and direct exposure to sunlight can have detrimental effects on dermal fillers. You should also avoid other forms of heat such as sunbeds, saunas and steam rooms.
  • Direct contact with the treated area – Although it can be tempting, try not to touch your face — this will give your injections the best chance to heal. It’s also recommended to sleep on your back rather than side or front, as this will avoid the undereye area coming into contact with the bed and becoming irritated.
  • Makeup and skincare products – Try to avoid all face products in the aftermath of your procedure – this will allow your skin to breathe and heal with minimal chance of infection.
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers – These can thin the blood and increase the chances of bruising, swelling and infection. Paracetamol is generally favoured over Ibuprofen and Aspirin, but it’s best to consult your doctor before taking any pain medication immediately after treatment.
  • Strenuous exercise – It’s recommended to wait a few days before engaging in intense activity. Sweating can increase the chance of infection, as bacteria can easily get into the skin.

To prolong the results of your filler treatment, you should consider scheduling regular top-up appointments at intervals agreed with your aesthetician — this will depend on your desired long-term results.

Where can I book?

We’re proud to offer high-quality aesthetic treatments to participating model patients at our gold-standard training academy at Acquisition Aesthetics. Our service includes an individual assessment and treatment package explicitly designed for your facial needs and aesthetic goals. Tear trough filler is included in our list of treatments and has been highly popular with model patients. We also use a cannula to administer injections in this delicate area, ensuring the procedure is safe and effective.

A trained medical professional administers every treatment, and each step of the process is supervised by a member of our expert faculty of aesthetic trainers.

If you’re interested in becoming a model at our award-winning training academy, we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at models@acquisitionaesthetics or call us on 0203 514 8757 to speak to a member of our team.

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