Lip Fillers: Why Before and After Pictures Matter

There has never been a higher demand for lip fillers in the UK. Thanks to huge advancement within the field, coupled with the ‘Zoom boom’ of the past couple of years, the number of people seeking lip filler treatments has snowballed.

Are lip fillers safe? With the ever-increasing number of stories about botched work or dodgy practitioners, more and more people are asking this question. Whilst ensuring that your treatment is undertaken by a qualified professional is essential, there are several other factors to consider when deciding on a clinic.

Requesting lip filler before and after pictures- and knowing what to look for in them- is one of the most dependable ways to ensure that your practitioner is adequately qualified and that they can achieve the specific look you’d like to obtain.

So what are the best ways to find signs of good lip filler? We’ve compiled some crucial details to look for when looking at lip filler before and afters, as well as some other factors to consider when choosing a clinic.

What to look for in lip filler before and after pictures

There are many things to consider when determining whether a clinic is a good fit for you. Most important, though, is that they can provide lip filler before and after pictures. This is one of the first questions you should be asking and should be non-negotiable for a qualified medical professional. If they don’t provide this or ask you to bring your own, this is a serious red flag, and you should avoid such practitioners at all costs.

For those clinics that do provide lip filler images, take some time to assess the following:

  • Different angles- You’ll want to see how the injections look from both the sides and front. Profile shots will show whether there has been too much filler administered, causing the distinct ‘duck lip’ effect. It would be hard to distinguish this simply from looking at a photo taken of the front of the face.
  • Lighting- A good clinic will provide photos with high-quality photography and consistent, natural lighting. This allows you to check that the lips are still smooth and soft, without the dreaded lumps and bumps that come from too much filler. Dramatic lighting is also an easy way to enhance the appearance of the lips, so this can be a red flag that the clinic is attempting to mask its substandard work.
  • The whole face- As well as closeups and profile shots, you should also look for images of the entire face. Overly full lips on a small face signal that the practitioner did not assess the client’s entire face before the treatment. The lips should still be in proportion to the client’s natural features.
  • No makeup- Although practitioners will often apply some lip balm before they take after shots, full lipstick or gloss will mask the accurate results of the filler.

You should also consider the consequences of bringing in your own images. While certain lip fillers may look great on a celebrity you came across on Instagram, they most likely have a completely different face shape and features to you. It’s important to remember that your result will not look exactly the same as theirs. It’s also possible that they may have a filter on their photo or a lot of makeup on, so the results featured in their image may be quite different from the real-life result.

How do aesthetician techniques differ?

Some aestheticians may specialise in working with clients who enjoy a full, dramatic effect, whereas others are used to administering very subtle, natural looks. Depending on the training they’ve received, practitioners will use different types of filler and varying methods for administering them.

Other factors to consider

Clinic reviews should play a significant part in your research on where to get lip fillers. Reviews should be consistently excellent and detailed, preferably with before and after images. It’s also helpful to check whether the reviews are verified.

Having an in-depth consultation with your practitioner is another great way to suss them out. They should be able to answer all of your questions in a detailed, helpful manner. Should you come across a post-treatment image or review that you’re not happy with, be sure to ask them about it and gauge whether or not you believe their response is justified.

Ultimately, you must undertake adequate research to determine whether you can trust a practitioner to provide you with a high-quality treatment. You should only undertake lip filler treatments after careful consideration and thorough research. When administered incorrectly, they are dangerous and could end up costing you a fortune in rectification fees. 

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