Post-lockdown fatigue? 5 ways to get rid of dark circles

It may be a few months since we’ve emerged from a nationwide lockdown, but for many of us, it’s taking a little longer than usual to return to feeling like our old selves. Lockdown fatigue is very real, so if you’ve been feeling tired, anxious or stressed, you’re certainly not the only one. One of the unfortunate side-effects of fatigue and added tension is the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, making the area seem puffy and swollen.  Luckily, there are a few different measures we can take to promote dark circles removal. In this post, we’ll cover the effect lockdown has had on our body, skin and energy levels, as well as the five most effective ways to eliminate eye bags and look younger and healthier.

Exhaustion after lockdown

Over the past 18 months, our lives have been very different to the regular, busy schedules we were once accustomed to. From the initial stress of being in lockdown to adapting to wearing masks and the rapidly changing rules for working and socialising, it has undoubtedly taken a toll on our emotional and physical wellbeing. After this prolonged period of isolation, the return to some semblance of normality has been a significant departure from our comfort zone. It’s no wonder, then, that the demands of resuming regular life may cause increased stress and exhaustion. These side-effects can profoundly impact our health, wellness, and quality of sleep, and, especially when combined with the natural ageing process, can cause tell-tale signs of fatigue in our appearance.

Tips for dark circle removal under the eyes

Less alcohol & more water 

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it actively draws water away from the body, significantly lowering our hydration levels and removing fluid from the skin. This lack of moisture can make our skin look and feel dry and increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the effects of alcohol consumption can have a significant impact on our quality of sleep. Drinking can cause us to feel sluggish and drowsy, meaning that we spend more time in deep sleep and less in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase. Since REM is a critical restorative stage, this disruption means we don’t get the adequate rest our body requires, causing us to feel tired when we wake and often resulting in dark bags under our eyes. Simply cutting back on our favourite alcoholic beverages and making a conscious effort to consume lots of water before bed aids a restful night’s sleep and makes our skin look and feel fresher and more hydrated. Consistently filling up on water is one of the best things we can do to care for our skin, and it’s generally recommended to drink 6-8 glasses per day to replace average water loss.

Use a suitable eye cream

With so many different eye creams on the market, it’s essential to do the appropriate research and find one that works for your skin and actively combats dark circles under eyes. While different formulas treat specific issues, choosing an eye cream with hyaluronic acid will be particularly effective in promoting plump, hydrated skin. This sugar molecule, which naturally occurs in the body, attracts and holds on to the skin’s moisture, alleviating dryness, increasing hydration and assisting in dark circles removal.

8 hours of sleep 

A restful night’s sleep is a fantastic yet underestimated dark circles treatment — allowing the skin to switch to a period of recovery and repair. Not only does your skin have a chance to rest, but it actively produces growth hormones during hours of sleep, which ensures that it is generating appropriate levels of collagen. Collagen is essential for cell repair and gives skin the strength and elasticity it requires to remain full and plump. A good night’s sleep can boost the levels of collagen our body produces and fight premature signs of ageing, including dark bags and circles.

Maintain a healthy diet

Salty, processed foods are a big culprit for water retention, causing sagging and dehydration in the skin. A balanced mixture of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats are an effective way to replenish the loss of water and promote a glowing complexion. Specifically, foods rich in Vitamin E help fight enzymes that break the skin’s elasticity and free radicals that produce fine lines and wrinkles. Stocking up on plant-based oils, almonds and red peppers is a great way to add some Vitamin E to your diet and assist with dark circles removal.

Dermal filler treatments

If you’re in search of a more noticeable fix for dark circles removal, dermal fillers are a great way to add volume to the affected area and plump up the skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance. Specifically, tear trough fillers, which directly target the space between the lower eyelid and upper cheek. The purpose of a tear trough filler treatment is to reduce the depth of the crease, adding volume beneath the eyelids. When this treatment is administered by a trained professional, it is highly effective in making the skin appear tighter and fuller. With results lasting around 6-12 months on average, tear trough fillers can tremendously reduce the appearance of tired bags under the eyes. At Acquisition Aesthetics, we’re proud to offer high-quality aesthetic treatments to our participating models at our gold-standard training academy at Acquisition Aesthetics. Our service includes an individual assessment and treatment package explicitly designed for your facial needs and aesthetic goals. Tear trough filler is included in our list of treatments and has been highly popular with model patients. Every procedure is administered by a trained doctor, dentist or nurse, and each step of the process is supervised by a member of our expert faculty of aesthetic trainers. If you’re interested in becoming a model patient at our award-winning training academy, we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at models@acquisitionaesthetics or call us on 0203 514 8757 to speak to a member of our team.

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