Social Media Filters: Desirable or Damaging?

Social media has come a long way since the early days of Snapchat and the playful “dog filter” that was once seen as nothing more than a harmless bit of fun shared between friends. With technology constantly evolving and the ever-growing obsession with creating a picture-perfect “Instagram persona”, there has been a clear shift in […]

Treat yourself this Halloween: Pumpkin Recipes for Rejuvenated Skin

Nights are getting darker and October is drawing to a close, which means only one thing — Halloween is almost upon us! While the colder weather may have us preoccupied with reorganising our wardrobes to keep cosy, we mustn’t forget to switch up our skincare routine and beauty treatments for the autumn, too. With increasing […]

Nefertiti Neck Lifts: Defying Signs of Aging

If you’ve noticed signs of ageing on the lower part of your face and neck, you may be interested in a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that specifically targets this area. A Nefertiti lift is a great alternative to traditional neck lift surgery for those who want a non-invasive and less expensive option. This innovative procedure consists […]

Why Aesthetics Treatments Should Be Diversified

Injectable treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers are some of the most popular beauty trends of the last decade. Everyone from celebrities to influencers are taking to social media to showcase the enhancing results of their treatments. Clinics have never been busier, and the list of beauty treatments offered by aestheticians is ever-increasing. Still, […]

Aesthetics vs. Plastic Surgery: The key differences

Although face and body augmentation procedures are more popular than ever before, there is still a level of confusion among the UK public surrounding the differences between aesthetic treatments, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Although both have an end goal of enhancing the targeted feature, there are several distinct differences between the two. This blog […]

Tear Trough Fillers: the Answer to Your Late-Night Escapades!

under eye dark circles

Let’s talk about everyone’s new favourite aesthetics treatment: Tear trough fillers! Whether it’s genetics or late-nighters, the so-called zoom-era of virtual meetings and conferences have made many women self-conscious about their under-eye area — with many desperately seeking ‘miracle creams’ to hide dark circles. Tear trough treatments may not be a miracle fix, but they […]

Lip Filler on Love Island: Why Choosing the Right Aesthetics Clinic is Important

As another summer of Love Island draws to a close, one subject has remained a hot topic of conversation for viewers and the general public. The controversy and backlash certain contestants have received due to their cosmetic surgery, Botox®, and lip fillers have been predominantly negative, and the media attention has been frenzied over the […]

The Latest Beauty Trends Emerging in Aesthetic Medicine

As we’re reaching a sense of pre-lockdown normality, we can finally start to think about all of the treatments we’ve been missing out on or looking forward to trying. While clinics may have been closed, aesthetic treatments have remained a huge talking point, and appointments for filler treatments are filling up fast for the second […]

Lip Fillers Aftercare – How To Care For Your Pout

Lip fillers have become such a popular treatment in the UK that everyone is taking to social media post-treatment to flaunt their new pout. But what about lip filler aftercare? While the procedure itself may only take a few minutes, it’s critical to know what to expect post-treatment and how to take the necessary steps […]

Cheek Filler – Your Next Favourite Filler Treatment

While lip enhancement may have been the most talked-about treatment of the past few years, many people are now getting excited about cheek filler and its wondrous effects. The convenience and contrastingly wallet-friendly cost of non-surgical injectables also means that cheek enhancement surgery is frequently shunned in favour of the filler alternative. So, what does […]

Profile Balancing: What Is It & Where Can You Book?

If you’re looking for a facial aesthetics plan that treats several areas to improve symmetry and overall appearance, then you may have considered profile balancing. It is fast becoming one of the most sought-after treatments for those seeking a beautifully balanced facial profile. Using subtle yet impactful techniques to rejuvenate, shape and proportion the face, […]